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Arne Mannott has an artistic background in contemporary circus, dance and theatre as well as an academic degree in philosophy and politics. He is interested in interdisciplinary approaches, the breaking up of genre boundaries and object manipulations of all kinds. If not active as a solo artist, he prefers to work and collaborate with artists and people from various fields and in diverse contexts.

He performed and held workshops at festivals and for institutions in Germany, Austria, Spain, the Czech Republic, France, Israel, Slovakia, Poland, the Netherlands, Italy, Peru and Bolivia, among others for ImPulsTanz (AT), Volkstheater (AT), Israeli Circus Festival (IL), Tanzquartier Wien (AT), Theater X Berlin (DE), Academy of Fine Arts Vienna (AT), Circus Festival Prague (CZE).

Arne Mannott lives in Vienna (AT) since 2010 and works as a performer, choreographer and producer.

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  • KreativKultur, non-profit organisation concerned with professional development in the field of contemporary circus and performance arts
  • writing for artists, cultural associations and press

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+43 (0)6603703709 (AT)

mail: office[at]arnemannott.de

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