// about

Born 1987 in Germany, based in Vienna (AT). Artistic background in contemporary circus, theater and dance; academic background in philosophy and politics. Interested in interdisciplinary approaches and working and collaborating with artists and people from various fields and in diverse contexts. Available for performances, teaching and choreography.

// performances and works in the past, amongst others:

  • 2008 – 2009  actor in the physical-theater company “Inti Phajsi”, La Paz, Bolivia
  • 2010  mentoring for the short-movie „Blütezeit“ by Janusch Ertler, Mainz, Germany
  • June/October 2012  “reAlice” (CuriousCircusCollective), Vienna, Austria
  • November 2013  „el abrigo“ Pražský žonglérský marathon, Prague, Czech Republik
  • January 2014  performance „el abrigo“, Rundgang, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna; Vienna, Austria
  • March 2014  „el abrigo“, Burgtheater, Vienna, Austria
  • April 2014  “el abrigo” / club juggling and movement workshop, Israeli Circus Festival, Israel
  • May 2014  residency at AspernDieSeestadt, Vienna, Austria
  • June 2014  “Brainsquatting”, C3-Collective, Vienna, Austria
  • August 2014  “el abrigo”, Theater X, Berlin, Germany
  • September 2014  “el abrigo” Gala-Show Juggling Convention, Feldkirch, Austria
  • December 2014  performance “don’t think”, Tanzquartier TQW, Vienna, Austria
  • March 2015  “el abrigo” Burgkino Varieté, Vienna, Austria
  • April 2015  juggling and movement workshop, Friday Exit (Academy of Fine Arts Vienna), Vienna, Austria
  • November 2015  object manipulation and contemporary dance workshop, La Paz, Bolivia
  • December 2015  „Expectations“ work in progress, La Paz, Bolivia
  • March 2016  choreography of “Der Flaneur” (for Luca Manuel Kieser) (University of Applied Arts – junger SALON), Vienna, Austria
  • April 2016  “Expectations” work in progress, RAW Matters, Schikaneder, Vienna, Austria
  • May – June 2016  „Ambivalent Unity“, residency and performance at Tanz*Hotel, Vienna, Austria
  • May 2016  „Expectations“ Lichtspiel-Varieté, Vienna, Austria
  • May/June 2016  choreography of „LieberLibre“ (for Zirkuswerkstatt), Phoenix CircusArts Center, Vienna, Austria
  • September – December 2016  „le jeu“ with Elina Lautamäki, residency at Arbeitsplatz Wien, Vienna, Austria
  • November 2016  performance „Ambivalent Unity“ Tanz*Hotel, Vienna, Austria
  • December 2016  object manipulation and movement workshop, Slovak Artists‘ Community, Bratislava, Slovakia
  • December 2016  „Expectations“ Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, Vienna, Austria
  • February 2017  „Fallhöhe“ with Elina Lautamäki, work in progress, RAW Matters, Schikaneder, Vienna, Austria
  • March/April 2017  „Riesen*Zwerge“ dancing and co-choreography (for Bert Gstettner/Tanz*Hotel), Dschungel Wien, Vienna, Austria
  • May 2017  „Misa denkt Fliegen“ performance and choreography (for Regina Picker), WUK, Vienna, Austria
  • June 2017  residency and performance, Katapult, Berlin, Germany
  • July – October 2017  residency and first showing „Fallhöhe“, Tanz*Hotel, Vienna, Austria
  • May 2018  choreography of „circus of trust“ Volkstheater, Vienna, Austria

// other

  • KreativKultur, non-profit organisation concerned with professional development in the field of contemporary circus  and performance arts
  • writing for artists, cultural associations and press
  • free-lance producer

// contact

+43 (0)6603703709 (AT)

mail: office[at]arnemannott.de

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